BIO - Elements
It does matter how the elements are shaped.
Regardless of how well any aeration system in a moving bed reactor is designed, there is an upper limit to the cleaning function that in the end is dictated by the hydraulic properties of the bio-elements.

One of the first things to consider is of course the specific surface area of the bio-elements. However, when considering the relative cost per m2, you must also pay attention to how much of that area will be active area, since this is what the actually achieved performance of the bio-reactor is dictated by.

Thus, the long-term efficiency of any biofiltration technology relying on fixed-film is governed by a combination of the hydrodynamic properties of both the aeration/backwash mechanism of unit itself as well as the biological carrier`s design.

Based on more than 16 years of experience in Moving Bed Technology, the pinnacle of biological carrier designs has been reached with the introduction of the unique open profile of the CURLER ADVANCE X-1 bio-element.
Moving Bed Technology since 1993
CURLER ADVANCE X-1 is a registered and proprietary design provided by our sister company, CREATECH Aqua ApS.

For further information on the full line of biological carrier products and applications for Aquaculture system upgrades and wastewater treatment, please download the brochure on bio-elements or visit CREATECH AQUA`s website.

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