Since 1978, INTER AQUA Advance has sold and installed more than 100 commercial RAS facilities for a variety of fish species, many of which are still in operation to this day with varying degress of technological upgrades.
Over time, requirements for more intensive farming conditions became prevalent which increased the demand on the water treatment systems for RAS concepts to be economically and practically viable.

Throughout this period and to date, INTER AQUA Advance has constantly been in the forefront of cutting-edge water treatment technology, emphasizing cost-efficiency, stability and safety in production in order to provide RAS concepts that are uniquely characterized by offering the lowest production costs per ton fish produced.
Motivation to constantly improve the operational costs, the safety and long-term stability of RAS plants is the driving force behind our efforts.

The key to designing Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) is to provide a production facility that will not only work, but also ensures the buyer a successful and profitable venture. Hence, the requirements for such systems are largely dependent on spatial utilization, cost-efficient and reliable water treatment technologies to protect such investments and keeping the operational costs as low as possible.

At INTER AQUA Advance we constantly strive to be at the forefront of the technological development and the potential future demands dictated by economical and social developments.
The heart of these water treatment systems lies in the biological treatment, where our development efforts have led to the CLEARWATER Low-Space Bio-Reactor (CLSBR) technology - the next generation of Moving Bed Bio-Reactors.

This revolutionary new method of aeration provides the optimal conditions for controlling MBBR hydraulics even in large scale reactors to provide completely uniformly mixed conditions within the MBBR as well as providing the capacity to control biofilm thickness upon the biological carrier elements.
This development led to the introduction of INTER AQUA Advance’s 3rd generation CLEARWATER RAS Concepts, the first of which was the largest salmon smolt facitlity of its time that was put into operation in Scotland in 1998
EXPERIENCE & INNOVATION is what sets us apart.

With more than 30 years of experience in recirculation Aquaculture, technology, INTER AQUA Advance has broken the barrier to build highly intensive industrial-scale production systems capable of sustaining optimal water quality conditions without compromising profitability.

This ability to do so comes from our patented 3rd generation CLEARWATER moving bed based technology, where requirements for space, maintenance and energy consumption are dramatically reduced compared to 2nd generation technologies, such as trickling towers, sandfilters etc.
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