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Name:  Hemang Shah
Date adn time:  January 26, 2012 23:26
interested in your company technology for water, wastewater and aquaculture treatment.
MBBR systems and others
Name:  Dr. Germán Liendo
Date adn time:  December 1, 2011 20:21
In the first instacia congratulate you for having this initiative proporcianar to aquaculture growth of huge industrial and futuristic vision of aportal contrubicion technology to the problem of human nutrition proyeico, second I am saying that I am teaching in the faculty of veterinary science central University of Venezuela in aquaculture and I am very interested in developing technology that you are well, so I want to know if you have a plan for teaching INSTRUCTIONAL countries like Venezuela, if they have any and all costs relating to this instruction, it is clear that we would agree for next year 2012, if positive response, I would like to send me by email and as we agree.
Name:  Juris Veidemanis
Date adn time:  July 6, 2011 13:07
I am already 2 times asking a prices for Bio -elements ( all 3 types) from company Createchaqua. Unfortunately no answers till today. Could You provide such information?
We need around 70 m3 for biofilter in our sturgeon farm in Riga, Latvia.

Best regards,
Juris Veidemanis, Board member RR Fish Ltd.
Name:  NAME
Date adn time:  February 28, 2007 20:22
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