A Turn-Key contract is a relatively complex process, where the RAS supplier undertakes the entire responsibility from design through completion and commissioning. The client or customer only has to "turn the key" when the plant is commissioned.

A RAS turn-key project typically consists of the following:

  -  Feasibility studies
  -  Design & Engineering
  -  Civil works & Building
  -  Mounting & Installation
  -  Testing & Commissioning
  -  Service & Management

IAA supplies turnkey aquaculture plants and manage all sub-contractors. We incoperate several components of our own design and we have a great deal of influence on the components produced by our suppliers and partners. 
We have devised a new turn-key concept structure which is drawing great attention from our clients. It is a structure that is based on transparency between IAA, the client and sub-contractors, and it entails a management regime where typical uncertainties and unnecessary costs in a RAS project are minimized.

IAA's RAS design team inclu​de people who have extensive practical fish farm experience. Not just people who have operational skills, but people who have been pioneers and who have been very succesful in running their own fish farms. This means that paramount to our design is following:

  -  Creating optimum conditions for the fish
  -  Making it easy operational for management and staff
  -  High performance and optimizing efficiency of every process
  -  Safety and stability of production