“…….What we have learnt from our operations is that all of the systems work, but require different levels of management, particularly when at higher stocking levels and when fish are growing rapidly. 
We have also experienced the need to restrict the level of feed to the fish in the submerged and trickle filter systems at times when we would prefer to increase the feed levels because the system is not sufficiently
reactive. We do not have the same experience in the Inter Aqua unit with the moving bed. 
We have therefore decided to upgrade our submerged and trickle filter system by conversion to a moving bed system”.
Abstract from statement by Glen Oak Fisheries (customer through 10 years)

“………Over the years you developed your second and third generation systems.
Herewith systems became:
- More stable
- Easier to run and maintain
- Less labour demanding
- Less energy demanding
This made it possible to produce fish in RAS at lower prices. Further cost reduction was possible by further up-scaling (industrial plants).
…..I think your company did a great job in looking into the principles which make fish farming in recirculation economically feasible”
Abstract from statement by Royaal, NL (customer through 24 years with supply of  a total of 22 RAS)