INTER AQUA ADVANCE has the skills and the experience to guide you through the entire turn-key project.
Pre-feasibility StudiesIAA offers to perform preliminary feasibility studies for your aquaculture project to provide an ecomomical overview along with preliminary suggestions for stocking plans.
Feasibility StudiesEither as a separate feasibility study or as a further detailed level of the pre-feasibility study, IAA offers to undertake a full feasiability study, including among other things, full budget, stocking plan, detailed production costs, specified energy and water consumption, labour and market evaluation.
Mounting/Installation SupervisionAs part of our turn-key deliveries, IAA provides a determined amount of site-visits during construction and installation phases to ensure that your key personnel can dedicate their time more efficiently to their daily duties without interruption of your ongoing business and to ascertain that the plant will be delivered as complete and fully operational.
TrainingTraining of staff and key personnel can often reduce the start-up time of a plant significantly and reduces risks of day-to-day errors that could result in temporarily reduced production.Whilst we do our utmost to make the designs as simple as possible, a basic understanding of the key elements and the close interaction between all the unit operations within the plant is highly recommended.
Management Support PlansThe technology to achieve your production goals is there - maximal exploitation of the plant`s capacity is up to the dilligence, planning and management of the system. INTER AQUA Advance can draw upon expert assistance to be employed on-site for the first 1-2 years to assist in bringing the system to full operational capacity quickly and provide the planning and training of staff necessary for you to take over quickly.
After-sales ServicesAs part of our delivery, INTER AQUA Advance offers After-Sales services as a matter of course, addressing questions of a technical nature based on water quality reports. Depending on the level of involvement desired, IAA can also perform scheduled site-visits for routine check-up and fine tuning.
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