There is a saying: There are as many solutions to tank design with inlets, outlets and mort collection as there are fish farmers. There is probably some truth in that. 

The trend in recent years has been larger and larger tanks. It is not many years ago when a 6 or 8 meter diameter tank was a large tank. Today, tanks are much larger, from 10 to 16 meters, even up to 20 meters diameter. Larger tanks are cheaper for a given water volume. There are however, also some challenges with larger tanks; water hydraulics can be tricky, fish handling becomes more difficult to mention some.
Depending on the client's wishes, we are able to supply most types of tanks including concrete, fiberglass, steel etc.. All with or without coating if needed or desired.

At IAA we pay attention to the operator of a plant. A tank has to be easy to work with in connection with grading, harvest and mort collection. Work routines involving fish has to be easy on the fish.